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Estate Planning

Clients are often confused and frustrated by the complexities involved in making sure their estate will pass to their intended beneficiaries. The advisors at Independent Investment Advisors help to make the process more understandable for you and your family by providing investor education and planning tailored to your specific estate planning needs. This comprehensive planning process can help individuals accomplish the following:

  • Provide financial guidance and asset protection for surviving spouses, children, and other beneficiaries, including charities.
  • Design an asset distribution plan, including the proper titling of assets and tax planning.
  • Works with your legal advisors to establish trusts, when applicable, to minimize estate taxes, facilitate estate administration and protect assets.
  • Plan for incapacity. This includes, but is not limited to, designating individuals to handle financial affairs and establishing how family members and doctors should handle certain medical situations.
  • Income in Respect of the Decedent tax ramifications.
  • Stretch IRA benefits.

Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware of these benefits of proper estate planning. We not only assist our clients in the development of a comprehensive estate plan, we regularly review the plan in order to help ensure it is updated with our clients' changing needs and objectives.

*Legal services are offered in conjunction with outside advisors neither J.W. Cole nor Independent Investment Advisors offer legal advice.